Wonder Woman Accessories

(Please note the red star on the Tiara is now a little bigger then as seen in the pictures.)

Princess size wonder tiara: About 2 1/4" inches tall $19.95

Queen size wonder tiara: 
about 2 3/4" inches tall

View of felt lined back of tiara. Our tiaras are made of genuine thin-gauge brass that is folded and shaped by hand.  Black elastic and flexible metal make it an easy fit for any size head.


Wonder Earrings

Pierced     Clip-on

Note: All items in our Wonder Collection are meant for costume and play. They are not considered collectibles.

Wonder Boots

Size 5

Size 6
Size 7
Size 9
Size 10 Size 11
Size 12
  Polishing Cloth $1.00

Although we treat our tiaras with anti-tarnishing polish, we recommend adding this dry polishing cloth to your order to polish away fingerprints and keep it sparkling.