Sailormoon Banpresto Mini Cards / Twin Character

This set has a random sticker image over the image Printed on the card. The images you see below are what's under the top image if you peel it off. 

If you are only interested in the top images you can order them by the number of the card with that image and  the word "Top" next to the number.

 These cards are 1/2 the size of normal size trading cards.

Last updated: 2/06/11

1-24 are reguler cards. 25-48 are Prisms with the same images as 1-24.

How to read chart:
The first number means this is the image that is under the sticker on top of that card #.
The Second number is the number of the card with that prism image under the top sticker.
"#Top" in Blue means we have cards with that image on the Top sticker. 

Blue is in stock / Red is Out

Paypal buttons ore for ordering by Card# only. For topsticker images and Prisms please email.

Regs: .75ea., Prisms: $2.00ea.(Please email for Prisms),  Set of 24 regs:

1 / 28P / 1Top

2 /
31P / 2Top

3 / 25P / 3Top  

4 / 45P / 4Top

5 / 34P / 5Top

6 / 32P / 6Top

P / 7Top

36P / 8Top

P / 9Top

P / 10Top

P / 11Top

27P/ 12Top

13/43P/ 13Top

14 /
P / 14Top

15 /
41P/ 15Top

30P/ 16Top

17 /
26P/ 17Top

18 /
P/ 18Top

19/ 38P/19Top

20/47P/ 20Top


22/ 37P/22Top

23/ 39P /23Top


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