PP Mini Cards  last update 4/18/14

Made by Ameda. PP mini cards are 1/4th the size of normal cards. Cute, but hard to display in a neat binder ^_^ I solved this problem by going to my local Stamp and coin shop and buying the right sized holders for Stamps. They can be attached to a board and then the board slipped into a clear binder page. There are 100 cards in each complete set, 50 regs and 50 of the same cards except as prisms. They were sold in PP packs with 4 per envelope.

Sailor Moon SS PP Mini Cards


Sailor Stars PP Mini Cards- Regs 1.00 ea   Prisms $2.00 ea
Available:2, 5,8,13,14,1623,24,27,31,34,42,45,50

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