Sailor Moon Hero Collection

All cards are mint and Made in Japan unless otherwise stated
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Last update 4/18/14
Made by Ameda. The Hero Collection or HC as some call it, is a large set and challenging to collect. There are 6 parts each consisting of regs, LC Laser cards (prisms), PC Platinum cards (foils) and WGL cards (W means double in Japan and these prisms have another prism under the first one). Part 4 has MC foils (Memory Cards) in stead of PC in honor of the 5 year Anniversary of Sailor moon. Part 5 and 6 share the same regs as PP parts 11 and 12.

Hero Part 1Regs 1-144   Sailor Moon R (blue border)LC Prisms 145-156PC - 1-14WGL 1-3
$5.00 ea

Hero Part 2Regs 157-300  Sailor Moon R (Pink border)LC Prisms 301-312PC 15-28WGL 1-3
,255,256,265,269,277,283,286,291, -

Sticker card-$1.00


Hero Part 3Regs 313-384  Sailor Moon S LC Prisms 385-396PC 29-44WGL 1-3
325,329,331,334,338,343,347,353,367,371 $1.50 ea



$5.00 ea


41, 40,



Hero  Part 4Regs 397-468 Sailor Moon S LC Prisms 469-480MC 1-16WGL 1-3
410,466,$1.50 ea none
MC-5,MC-6, ,MC-10 $6.00eaNone

Hero Part 5Regs Sailor Moon SuperS  LC 1-12PC 1-16WGL 1-3

click here to See PP11

,2,4,5,6,,8,9,,12 $6.00ea 3,4,5,7,9, 14,15, $6.00ea,3 $10.00ea

Hero  Part 6regs  Sailor moon SuperS LC 13-24PC 17-32WGL 1-3
click here to See PP12

Sticker ad cards showing: Film cardViewer or Hardcase Card dispenser:$1.00 ea

None  NoneNone

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