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Made by Ameda. Size of regular cards but the center contains a transparent slide. The slide can be viewed through a special Card Case, but it really isn't necessary, these lovely cards can be viewed by holding them up to the light. Two parts were made, Sailor moon S and SuperS. Sailor moon S prisms are very hard to find and if you buy an unopened pp pack of these, chances are the prisms were removed before your distributor even got them. SuperS prisms are also rare but not impossible to find. The backs of these cards have alot of information and symbols for playing some kind of games. They were sold in PP packs with a prism on the cov and in packs of 5 where you could see all the cards and one prism through the wrapper. If you see a pack without a prism, it was tampered with.

Last updated:5/22/14

SailormoonSReg 1-64Prisms 65-74

Sailormoon SuperSReg75-136
Available:79,92,105,134,141, 144

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