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All cards are mint and Made in Japan unless otherwise stated with H.K.
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Last update: 11/9/15

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Series Set Description Price
Cardcaptor Sakura PP2 Reg set 36 regs $15.00
Cardcaptor Sakura PP3 Reg set36 regs $15.00
Cardcaptor Sakura PP4 Complete 9 Specials, 36 regs $35.00
Cardcaptor Sakura PP4 Reg set 36 regs $15.00
Cardcaptor Sakura Gold Foil Reg Set#91-180 $49.00
Evangelion  PP Part 1 Reg SetReg set # 10-45 $25.00
Inu YashaBromide Reg Set  Postcard sized cards $18.00
His & Her Circumstance PP Part 1 Regset36 regs $12.00
Marmalade BoyVending Part 3 reg set  36 regs $18.00
 Magical girl DoremiReg Set45 cards $12.00
Rurouni Kenshin Vending Part 2 Regset 36 regs $18.00
Rurouni KenshinVending Part 2 Complete set 4 Prisms , 2 double prisms, 36 regs $18.00
Sailor moon Banpresto Mini Twin Character Reg Set Half sized cards with one image on card and random images on sticker over card image. $18.00
Sailor moon Artbox Film Cards Reg set +Case#1-45+ Rare Viewer Case $52.00
Sailor moonBanpresto SS part 2 Reg  Set #25-36 $15.00
Sailor moon Battle/Private SuperSReg set,18 regs, \ Bandai 1995 $18.00
Sailor moon Cardass Part 4 Prism + Reg set Cardass Sailor moon Vending card set. 6 prisms +Regs $49.00
Sailor moon Cardass Part 8
Prism set
Cardass Sailor moon Vending card set. 6 prisms $30.00
Sailor moon Cardass Part 9
Reg set
Cardass Sailor moon Vending card reg set. $30.00
Sailor moon Dic Prismatic Card Reg Set 1997 72 cards $25.00
Sailor moon Graffiti Part 3 Reg set 36 regs, Bandai 1994 $19.95
Sailor moon Graffiti Part 7 Regset 36 regs, Bandai 1995 $20.00
Sailor moon Graffiti Part 8 Complete Reg Set 18 regs, Bandai 1996$18.00
Sailor moon Sailor moon World EX 2 Regs 35 regs  $19.95
Saiyuki  Movic Reg Set#1-63 $19.00 
Saiyuki  Movic Reg Set #10-72 $19.00 
Utena PP Set Regs 36 regs $20.00 

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