Catzia's Sailor Moon Cosplay Items

Please visit or our Catzia's Collectibles shop at to order Catzia's line of Sailor Moon Cosplay Tiaras, Boots, shoes, Earrings, Chokers , Brooches and Hair Accessories as well official Sailor Moon and other products. 

Professional quality life-size metal tiaras, you choose the gem color!  Each tiara is made of real brass with smooth beveled edges and felt lining the back. They attach with an elastic band to fit any size adult or child. 
Tiaras and other cosplay items are non-returnable and can not be exchanged for other items. 

   This is how the tiaras stay on. This durable elastic in white or black goes around your head. Keep elastic  high on back of head if your tiara pops up at the bottom. You can also cut off the elastic and attach it with Spirit gum to hear head. Felt lining protects your skin from the metal. The tiaras look solid but are actually very light and have some flexibility to curve to the shape of your head.

For Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon
Red Gem Tiara, White elastic
Smooth Gem  or   Faceted Gem


  "Feather" Barrettes

PGSM Sailor Moons  Tiara
 Hot pink gem , white Elastic.

Moons painstakingly hand molded in the metal.  

Moon Gem Earrings 

Plain Tiara 

 Dark Blue Gem Tiara  



Sailor Moon/Chibi Moon Moon stud Earrings
3D Printer made plastic earrings. less then 1/4 " thick.


PGSM Live Action Mercury Tiara

Silver Gem Tiara  (Saturn) 

Saturn's Brooch  (3 to 3.5 inches wide)


Pierced PGSM Mercury Earrings

Pierced Mercury Earrings: Smooth

Saturn Planet Earrings   

Saturn Crystal Star with or without choker.

  Jupiter Green Gem Tiara,
ack elastic. 


Jupiter's Lightning Rod Tiara 

Please view and order these at

Red Gem Tiara, black elastic,  
 (Sailor Mars, or Pluto)

Mars Earrings 

Mars Hanging Earrings  

 Pluto Gem  

Venus Amber Gem Tiara, white elastic 

Venus  Earrings:
Clip -on   or  Pierced

Neptune   Dark Aqua Gem Tiara 


Neptune Stud Posts 


Purple Gem PGSM Luna (Not Saturn) Tiara: Purple is hard to get a picture of in the right shade. Actual gem may be a different shade of purple then your computer shows.  

Smooth Gem Tiara: Hot Pink
faced or smooth.

 Neptune Crest   (No ribbon. to order it on choker see choker section below) $5.50

ChibiChibi Red Heart Gem Tiara 

Please view and order these at

Starlight Tiara:
triple layered brass band with no rough edges, metal studs, and a 22mm star in gold.
Lined with felt on the inside.

Starlight Earrings 

  Brooch Gem with Pinback: $5.95   

Eternal Sailor Scout Tiara:

 Black Star: 
1" 3D glossy black star. Adhesive not included. 


Chibi Moon Hair Odangos.

Heart Brooch Pin: Plastic 2.5" with felt back and pin with clasp. $8.95ea

Side view of one of the heart brooches

Note: Colors may look slightly different on different computer screens. Custom colors may be available. Please ask. 

Mercury Lt Blue

Mars/Pluto  Red

Jupiter Green

Venus Orange

 Neptune Teal

Uranus Blue

Chibi Pink

Saturn Purple
Round Brooch Pin: Plastic 2.5" with felt back and pin with clasp. 

Side view of one of the round brooches

Mercury Lt Blue

Mars/Pluto  Red

Jupiter Green

Venus Orange
Neptune Teal
Uranus Blue
Chibi Pink
Saturn Purple

Star Brooch Pin: Plastic 3.5" with felt back and pin with clasp. 

Mercury Lt Blue

Mars/Pluto  Red

Jupiter Green
Venus Orange
Neptune Teal

Uranus Blue
Chibi Pink
Saturn Purple
Chokers  (plain)

Please order these at where you can order the legnth you need. 
1 inch ribbed ribbon with adjustable fit. Choose color, then choose add-ons if needed. You can also order Add-on alone without the ribbon. 


Dk Blue

Aqua Blue

Kelly Green




Hot Pink


Lt Pink
Forest Green



Add Gold Star $1.95

Add Vinyl Red Heart $1.95
Add Yellow Heart $1.95

Saturn Crystal Star $6.95

Add Pluto Gem $5.50

Add Neptune Crest  $5.50

Sera Myu Tiara
Based on the ones worn in the live action stage musicals, these tiaras cannot be worn with an elastic band and must be attached directly to the forehead with spirit gum or other theater glue. The gems are 1" round and larger than the gems on our regular tiara.If you want Oval gems please let us know before you send payment.  Custom colors also available. 


We can do custom designs. 

View Custom Gallery

Outlaw Star KitaraKitara Tiara 

Customized Evil Mercury Wrist Device:
We've taken the  original Bandai wrist device, repainted it, and changed the wrist band to black with Velcro. Lights up and opens up. Comes in original packaging: 


Eternal Star Earrings in all scout colors

 Doll Sized Tiara
(Please let us know what color "Gem" via e-mail)