Sailor Moon UFO Plushies
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UFO Plushies were made for Game machines in Japan where you tried to catch the toy with a claw to win it. Most are about 8" long and were issued in sets for you to collect. Each is dated by year and numbered. All of ours are from a smoke free environment and packaged in  clear plastic  bags. 

School Naru 1993 
Near Mint
No tag $10.95

Winking Mercury :1993 BSM-1
Mint with tag:$14.95

Without tag,stain on hand:$9.95

Temple Rei 1994 
Mint No tag $9.95

School Rei 1994 
mint with tag $14.95

8" Sitting  Jupiter 1994: BSM-28
Tag is worn $9.95

School Mokoto 1994 
mint with tag $14.95

Mini Venus 4"no tag: $

Hand Towel holder  Ami 1994 TT-2
Mint No Tag $12.95

Hand Towel holder  Rei 1994  TT-4
Mint No Tag $12.95

Hand Towel holder Minako 1994 
Mint No Tag $12.95

Hand Towel holder Mokoto 1994 
Mint No Tag $12.95

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