Realistically detailed 1/6 scale. Great for Dolls, Models and figures 11" or smaller. Each set is sealed in plastic in  Box with Pamphlet.

Set 1: Tray, plate, tongs, Cup of green tea, Donuts + Box 

Set 2:
Tray, plate, tongs, Cup of Coffee, Donuts + Box

Set 3:
Tray, plate, tongs, 2 Cups with straws and takeout tray , Donuts + Bag $9.95

Set 4:
Tray, plate, tongs, Coffee to go, Apple pastry, Pastry sticks in wrappers,  Bag $9.95

Set 5:
Tray, plate, tongs, Cup of Iced coffee, Donuts + Box 

Set 6:
Tray, plate, tongs, Cup of coffee, Donuts + Box $9.95

Set 7:
Tray, plate, tongs, Cup of juice with straw, Donuts $12.95

Set 8:
Tray, plate, tongs, Tea pot and cup for one, Donuts + Box 

Set 9:
Tray, tongs, Iced Coffee, Mini Donuts, donut holes, Bag of snack cakes,  Box 

Set 10:
Cook Pot with Lid and oil, Fried donuts, Dough,Cutter, rolling pin, Basket and paper liner. 

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