Pullip/ Jun Planning

Each month  new dolls are issued and only made once. These are some of the earliest retired dolls. 

Pullip/Naru dolls have large eyes that can be moved to look in the direction you choose and can wink using a mechanism in the back of head.
All dolls are mint in box unless otherwise noted, some come with stand and some with trading card.

We also sell Re-ment miniature Items that go well with Pullip 


Blue haired with Yellow Eyes. comes with skate Board. These were packaged in Green boxes but sometimes a different interior color. Ours have a green interior of box.

One left that was on display out of box. Very rare. Original first version that came in a different box then sometimes pictured.



Golden long locks, Sky blue eyes, Lacy white Lollita style dress and hat. Comes with White lacy teddy bear. 

New in box.


Naru Fai

Large Boy doll in Chinese Silk Costume in Hat with Weapon. New in box.


Rovam Pirate

Pirate Rovam wears heart eye patch and tooth necklace. comes with Treasure chest, loot bag and Spyglass.

Been on display.


Ann of Green Gabels

An adorable version of the lovable storybook  character. Cute freckles, comes with leather travel bag, laced up boots and white rose trimmed Hat. New in box.


Big Pullip Aki-Lan 
Blue Hair/Red Kimono

Aki Lan comes dressed in Stylish kimono with Frilly Hat, Bird cage and Festival Doll. Been on display.


Pullip Arietta

Sporty Yellow haired Areitta wears letter jacket over overall jeans. comes with pink sports bag and Denim hat.

Outfit Only $30.00

Naru Mr. Wolf

This wolf is too cute to be called Big and Bad!. A partner to the Little Red riding hood doll, he comes with Wolf costume and Grannie's dress. his hair is a soft silky tecture and a mix of dark and light grey. New in box.


Dressed in Leather jacket  over black top and pants. Cool Cross necklace on thick chain. Comes with Brown zipper bag and leather Dog. New in box.




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