A+ Q About Ordering from Catzia's Collectibles

(Please read this entire page if its your first time ordering from us)

Note: Still designing this page, please excuse us ^_^

How do I place an order?

You can use the paypal buttons to instant order or you can send us an email listing all the orders you want to buy. 

NEVER send a payment by mail without confirming it with us first . We have to hold the items for you and make sure you have the right shipping cost.. 

How Can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Paypal,  Money Orders and Checks from US Banks. 

We can accept Cash too, but you send it at your own risk. 

How do I order if I do not live in the USA?

You can use the instant Paypal buttons and we will contact you about additional shipping to your country.

Or Send us a list of all the items you want and we will tell you the total , shipping costs and how to send payment.

We can accept Visa and Mastercard

How long do I have to pay for my order?

We generally hold items for 10 days. If you defiantly will be sending a payment but think it will take longer we can extend that. If you take exceptionally long to send payment and we do not know the payment is on the way you run the risk of some of your items being sold to other customers

How do I know the item I want is in stock?

We update our website every time we run out of an item. So there is little chance that an item listed on the website is out of stock. However, it is possible. If you pay for an item with an instant payment button and it turns out we do not have it, you will receive a refund for that item or be contacted to see if a replacement is suitable. 

How do I know if my Paypal order was received?

If your payment shows up on your Paypal account we received it. 

If you mailed your payment you can contact us via email to see if we got it. It generally takes 3-5 days for us to receive a payment after it's mailed. 

I am paying by Check: 

Make Payments out to  

Secret Studio Store.
PO Box 133
Ridgewood NJ 07451-0133

How much does shipping cost?

Within the US orders totaling under $10 are $4.50 for Prioirty shipping. Orders for  $10 or more is $5.00 .

Express  Delivery and Insurance is extra and is available if you request it. 

Can I change my order?

Yes, so long as the items have not been shipped yet. You can change the order, add things or take things up untill the point we hand the package to the postman. 

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, so long as the order has not been processed after payment was received. But PLEASE tell us if you do not want the items anymore rather then having us keep them on hold for weeks when we could offer the items to other customers. 

What if I do not receive  my order?

If you send a payment and have not reveied your order after 2 weeks if you live in the Us or after 3 weeks if you live outside the Us, contact us and let us know. We can tell you if payment was recieved and if the order was sent. In most cases we can track the package and give you a number for tracking it as well.

If you chose a less expensive shipping option without tracking or insurance and we told you we were not responsable after the item was shipped becouse of the option you chose, there may be nothing we can do if the items never shows up. We strongly suggest choosing a shipping method that can be tracked.

How long will it take for me to get my order within the USA?

We try to ship items out within 24 hours of receiveing  a Paypal , Credit card or Money order payment but sometimes it can take longer. If you live in the US it normally takes 2-5 days from the time we get payment to the time it is on your doorstep. 

If you paid with a Check we wait for check to clear before we send order. This can ad up to 10 days.

If you do not have the items within 2 weeks after sending your payment please contact us. 

What if my item arrives damamged?

We inspect items before they are sent, but if you reive something damamged let us know as soona s you get the item,. In most cases the item will have to be returned , or the damaged part returned to be replaced. We trust you will not to make an untrue claim to try to get something for free.  

What if I want to return  a Costume item?

I'm sorry, We do not accept returns or exchange on any cosplay items because some people thought it was ok to wear the items at conventions and then return them. 

What if I just dont like my item after I receive it?

So long as it is not a cosplay item, If you are unsatisfied with your order you may exchange it , not including shipping,. Before sending anything back you must contact us to make return or exchange arrangements. We describe  and have pictures of items on our website and will answer any questions if you are unsure about them so there should not be a surprise when you get them.

What if I receive the wronge item? 

Let us know as soon as you get it. We will have to get the wronge item back before we can replace it with the right one (Again, this is unfortunatly due to a number of sad people who tried to get free items by claiming there was an error) . You will be remberesed for the cost of sending the item back. 

How are items shipped?

We almost always use Priority Mail with Confirmation. For very small items we sometimes use first class with confirmation. 

For overseas and Canada we usually use Registered Airmail  with insurance. 


How long will it take for me to receive my order if I live outside the USA?

This depends on your own countries postal system. Sometimes items can get delayed in customs. We find it genrally takes 1-2 weeks but it can take longer. Faster shipping is sometimes avaialble for a higher cost. 

If you do not have your items after 3 weeks weeks please contact us.


( per package, not item) priority with delivery confirmation unless the Package  is very heavy or large.  Send list of what you want by copying or cut and pasting the text from our list. Please do not send  pictures of the items you want since we may not be able to view the pics and will not know what you want. We will confirm the order and give you a total with shipping.

Tel:201- 203-3767          

Follow these steps after placing your order and receiving confirmation:

For Paypal our ID is Catzias.collectibles@verizon.net

If paying by Check or Money Order :

1. Make Payments out to Secret Studio Store.

2. Include a printout of your order confirmation or a written note saying what you ordered.

3. Write or print your address clearly on a paper or send an address label.

4. Send payment to:

Secret Studio Store/ Catzia's Collectibles

PO Box 133
Ridgewood NJ 07451-0133

We wait for checks to clear before sending item. There is a $20.00 fee for bounced checks. If payment on a bounced check is not repaid we will be forced to have our collection agency collect it from you. 

You, our customers,  are our highest priority and we will try our best to make you happy. Without you we wouldn't exist. ^_^

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