Clamp and Magic Knight Rayearth 

Hikaru 11" Doll  Very accurate to anime character. Includes sword and accesories.  $48.95
Magic Knights Fairy UFO Plush Japanese Prize Plush. Excellent condtion with tags.  $18.00
TOMY Premium Trading CardsHigh Quality glossy thick plastic cards.10 cards in a pack. Randomly inserted clear cards and foil cards.

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Large Umi PVC Figure
Poseable Arms and Sword. Comes in Box with Stand. Jewels on boots. Fully assembled, Vinyl, 11" tall

Has been on display.

Sorry, we can not get Hikaru Figure.



 MKR  Fuu Suction Cup Figure 2"  figure with Suction cup to attach to smooth walls and windows. Bandai. $5.95

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