Puchi Japanese Groceries
Realistically detailed 1/6 scale. Great for Dolls, Models and figures 11" or smaller. 

Set 1:OUT
Window Cleaner,
GreenTea, lightbulb ,fish, bag, shopping basket

Set 2 $8.00
Milk, Cheese, Baloney, Ketchup bottle in wrapper, Bread,Bag, shopping basket.

Set 3 OUT
Bag of Rice, Box of Curry, Apple, potatos, Bacon(one), bag, shopping basket

Set 4 OUT
Flour, lettuce, Sauce, Eggs, Bacon(one), bag, shopping basket

Set 5
Mayo , Coffee and Ramen Noodles, Bag of Chips, Pack of Tissue boxes, bag, shopping basket

Extra Plastic Bag, Package of stacked tissue boxes $1.50

Chips in bag. $3.00

Extra Bacon in tray with lid. Bacon is removable. One bacon in tray $2.00 

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