Up and coming Contests and Conventions  at Catzia's , 2004  

 August: Saturday 28th: Not-A-Con 2004 - OUR LAST LIVE EVENT : More of a Social gather or a Party to say Farewell to this Location while we move strictly to the internet., Doll customizing Demonstrations. "Grabby thingy" Game with prizes (Everyone's a Winner ). Card trading with other Customers. Try a game of Pachinko. Pizza delivery available. Bring your friends. (No costumes please) 

Please sign up in advance for Demo Day since we have limited space and would like an idea how many may show up. This event is free (except for the pizza) 

Contact us with how many will be attending in your group.

September: Now Officially our Walk in Retail location is closed and we are internet sales only ^_^

Enter our Anime Costume Contest! Through out the month of September send us a picture of you in costume with your real name and address (This will not appear on the website but is for prize purposes) and fill out this form:

Cosplay name you wish to be known as:
Series or Game: 

Rules: One entry per person. You can vote once for yourself. Multiple votes from the same person will cause the contestant to be disqualified. You can tell all your friends to vote for you but they MUST do it through the website. Do NOT send them a voting form and have them send us that without visiting the website. 

September is also the last chance of the year to use our discount coupons you may have picked up at a convention. Discount only good when you visit our shop and is not usable for mail orders. 

October: Anime Costume Competition Voting on our website! . Visitors to our website will have a chance to vote for their favorite cosplayers. Each person MUST give three votes: First place, Second place and Third place and each of these votes must be fore s Different cosplayer or the votes do not count . Prizes will be awarded. 

November + December: Nothing planned while we deal with the Holiday Rush!

2005: Plans to attend Shojucon (word is it's on for next year), Anime Next and Big Apple Anime Fest. We may do a panel at one or more of these about Doll Customizing. 

Contest possabilities for 2005: Doll customizing, Manga/Anime Illustration and Writing. 

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