Catzia's Custom Gallery

To inquire about having a custum tiara or other item created that we have not done before please read below and then email your request along with an image , sketch or other reference images of the item along with your name, address and the date you need it. 

We can do custom Tiaras and other items, however we are limited by the size of the metal and the way it can be manipulated. 

We do not sew full costumes, we only do accessories and footwear.


A design can be up to 8x4" 

We can not cut in a curve. The edges are folded so there are no sharp edges and you can't fold over a curve. We can make smaller straight edges to give the illusion of a curve in some cases. 

We can create almost any color gem, but shapes are limited. 

We can create a gem or stone shape if it is unusual but it will probably not be transparent. 

Custom orders are paid in advance and non-refundable and can not be returned or exchanged. We send you a pic to approve.


Sailor Moon's Sera Tiara: $24.95
No elastic, you must use your own spirit gum or other adhesive.


Escaflowne Tiara: $30.00
3D printed hand colored "stone". Felt lined with Elastic .

Tiara for doll: Starts at $6.00 for Barbie size. Send request.

Sailor Mars Manga style Tiara $35.00

Hack/sign Tiara: $40

Sailor moon Tiara's in Silver $28.95


Outlaw Star Kitara Kitara's Tiara

Custom Crystal Tiara