Catzias Super Secret Sale

All items under $10

Sailor Moon page 7

Last update 10/7/16

These figures with a loop to hang them came in blind bags. you get a bag with each figure.  

(I messed up the number chart a little on this one so i'll just list by chacater and pretend the numbers are in the right spot ) 

1A- chibi Green or Pink -$4.75 each

1B-Tuxedo Mask Green, pink or Purple- $4.75 each

1C-Mercury Purple or Pink- $4.75 each

1D- Mars Pink, puplr or green- $4.75 each

2A-Jupiter - $4.99

2B-Venus - SOLD

2C- Neptune - $5.50  

2D- Uranus - $5.50 

3A-Pluto blue or green - $4.99 each

3B-Luna and Artemis - $4.99 each

3C-Envelope - Free with figure

Send the complete list of what you want in one email  along with your US Zip code or country you live in for postage calculation to :

You will be sent an invoice to be paid within 48 hours.

"Thank you and Enjoy!"