Catzias Super Secret Sale

All items under $10

Sailor Moon page 5

Last update 10/7/16

1A- Metal Wand keychain- $3.50

1B-Sailor Stars sailor moon ring/ Star fighter ring- $3.00 each 

1C-Sailor Stars Gold Star Maker ring/ Silver Star Maker ring- $3.00 each- HOLD 

1D- Island The Live Musical Pen and stickers set- $9.99

2A-Full figure Keychain Sailor moon- $3.00

2B-Full figure Keychain Sailor Mercury- $3.95

2C- PGSM Mars clip earrings - $3.50 

2D- finger puppet figure - $3.00

3A-Full figure Keychain Sailor Mars- $3.95

3B Full figure Keychain Sailor Venus- SOLD

3C- PGSM Venus clip earrings- 

3D- Venus Figure - 

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You will be sent an invoice to be paid within 48 hours.

"Thank you and Enjoy!"