Catzias Super Secret Sale

All items under $10

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Last update 9/25/16

1A-Final Fantasy Garnet Mascot figure- $2.00

1B-Final Fantasy Eiko Carol Mascot figure- $2.00

1C-Final Fantasy Adelbert Steiner Mascot figure- $2.00

1D- My Little Pony Kurt S. Adler ornament with eye defect- $3.00

2A-Final Fantasy X2 Nooj Mascot figure- $2.00

2B,C-Final Fantasy Mascot figure set of 2- $4.00

2D- Pair of same One Piece Chopper dice.  - $2.00

3A-Final Fantasy 8  Gashpon figure- $3.00

3B-Final Fantasy 8  Gashpon figure- $3.00

3C-ruronin Kenshin (dont know name of character) Phone strap mascot figure- $3.00

3D-Evangelion Misoto Sitting figure- $2.50

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"Thank you and Enjoy!"