So many Vamps, so little time. 


Limited Edition 12" Action Dolls by SideShow:  
Only 7500 of each doll  made. 

Each doll is Mint in Box with viewing window inside flap cover.

Prophesy Girl Buffy 

Prophesy Girl girl buffy, in Prom Dress and Heals,  is the First and possably the only Buffy sidshow figure with Real rooted hair. It was an expiriment, and so far none of the future dolls have been designed this way. She comes with Stand, Steak, Cross necklace and Cross bow. 



Angel, played by actor David Boreanaz, is costumed from the "Becoming" episodes, in which his demonic persona, Angelus, tormented Buffy until she ultimately defeated him, sacrificing her first love in order to save the world. Angel includes the 12" figure base, his sword, and holy water bottles.

Vampire Spike


Spike in Vamp face comes with Stand, Double barralled shot gun that opens for loading, 2 bullets that can be incerted into gun, Medalion and Skull. Fully poseable. He's hot even as a Vamp!


Scroll  down for Willow and Vampire Willow

Vampire Slayer  Willow



Vampire Slayer Willow comes in Pink Sweater, miniskirt and stockings. She somes with Riffle ,Extra Hand,  Rat Amy and  Stand.  She's fun to pose with Vamp willow..but hmmm..she looks awfully happy to be bit. 





Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne first appeared during the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the guitar player for the local Sunnydale band, Dingoes Ate My Baby. It was at that gig that Oz first set eyes on Willow Rosenberg and the diminutive musician was immediately intrigued with the sweet red head. Eventually, Willow and Oz became one of the most beloved couples ever featured on the series. 
Pumpkin included. Oz wears a Sunnydale High T-shirt under redish jacket. 

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