Sailor Moon Proplica


 Crescent Moon Wand 

Life size replica of Sailor moons Crescent Moon wand. Light and sound effects.

Crystal may be placed in the wand which lights up and also changes the sound effects. Display stand holds wand and also has a place for the crystal when not in use.

Includes Millennium Crystal which round crystal can be display in, but it does not light up.

Includes instruction booklet.






Cutie Moon Wand

Life size replica of Super Sailor Moons Cutie Moon Wand. Light and sound effects. Display stand with 3D image of the Crystal





Star Locket




Star Locket

Sailor moons life size Star Locket. Light and sound effects. About 4 inches wide.




Star Locket Customized For Cos-play

We added a pin back and reinforced the back which opens so you can wear it on your costume without it popping off. You can still open it to change batteries.




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