Sailor Moon Miscellaneous and Rare items
All items listed below are one of kind in our inventory. You'll receive the exact one pictured. E-mail with questions or to order. 
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: 8/1/14

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3D Prism Plastic Sticker Postcard Horizontal

3D Prism Plastic Sticker Postcard 

Bath powders
Mint condition. 10 years old so do not use, for collecting only.

PGSM locket on cord

New with box. Slightly smaller in real life. $18.00

Pink base Mercury figure

Excellent condition. With box, instruction paper and stand. Bandai. Has been on display but no damage. $20.00

Only Mercury is available.

Mercury Door hanger
Mint with tag. $14.95

Sailor Moon Bubble Bath
Never used but I don't recommend using a product this old. For collection only. $19.95

SuperS Doll Dress #6 

Outers Fan: 
Clear plastic with Outers as Princesses. $12.95

Mars Purse with Plush Figure:

Sailor Moon trading card sign
8" standee sign given only to retailers in Japan to advertise new card sets. 


Mars Finger puppet figure with Pamphlet: $4.00

Uranus Puzzle Sealed in Box (assembled one in frame already sold) $24.94


Holiday Dress for 12" Sailor moon  Dolls: Excellent condition, no packaging, comes with hanger. 

Sailor Moon Christmas Stationery
: excellent condition $7.00

Prism sicker, probably for putting on front and side trading card case


Party Standup
12" souble sided cardboard with pink accordion base $10.95

Party Hats
8 in a sealed package, 2 packs available $6.95 each, pack of 8
Party Table Cloth: 
Mint in a sealed package, paper 

Sailor Moon S Traditional Japanese card game
Many cards with images, no repeating. Some with text only. Complete set. Very good condition. $22.00Hold

SailormoonR Letter set
1 envelope, 3 pages: $4.95

Igel Pin
Very rare item made by Igel in Europe. It's funny because it says "Shmuck" across the top, which means "decoration" where it was made. 

 Life Size Sailor moon Standee Figure - All of these have water damage on one edge of ponytail area. Folds flat in half. 5 Feet tall! Local pick-up preferred: we can ship this, but it could cost $45 in postage or more depending on your location.  
$25.00 Not available outside the USA.

Sailor Moon Metric Ruler 
Mint condition.  

Usagi Poster
Poor condition, folds and small tears on one edge. Probably not official, but it's a good image and large. 

Sailor Mars English Fanbook
Used condition $14.95

Mini Venus Plush

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