Re-Ment  3 o'clock Sweets 

Realistically detailed 1/6 scale.  Each set is sealed in plastic in  Box with Pamphlet.

Set 1:  
Cookie Jar with Rice Nori crackers. (Bigger then it looks!)

Set 2:
Valentines chocolate (chocolate comes out of boxes)

Set 3:
Christmas Yule Log, Tree, Stocking with Lollypop and Pudding mix.

Set 4:

Set 5:
3 soda pops, Tin of Hard candies (Candies come out) Cold treat in bag, Ice treat in cup with wood spoon in wrapper (does not come out of wrapper)

Set 6:

Fruity Treat with Secret toy animal surprise inside in glass bowl with spoon on plate. 
Set 7:$9.95

Filled Crepes with plate, fork, knife and display stand.

 Set 8:

Ice Cream Sundae, Cup of coffee, tea spoon, ice cream spoon, fork, napkin, plate, Creamer.

Set 9:

Treats wrapped in leaves, Basket, Tea in cup with cover and plate, Samurai Origami Hat (You fold, comes with instructions)

 Set 10:
Seasonal New Years Traditional Treat. Eat Mochi for good luck. 


SP1: White chocolate version of Set 2: N/A

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