Lets Cook!
Realistically detailed 1/6 scale. Great for Dolls, Models and figures 11" or smaller. Each set is sealed in plastic in  Box with Pamphlet.

Set 1: $14.95 
Woven bakery tray with 4 novelty animal shaped breads, bag of flower, scoop and bread rising bowl with dough.

Set 2:
Sweet Bean paste filled fish shaped pastries, Fish shape cooking iron, Plate, can of bean paste, Batter pourer, spoon.

Set 3:
Bear Ice Shaver (Handle turns, top opens), 2 bottles flavor syrup, 2 Bowls of shaved ice, 2 spoons, ice tray with ice. 

Set 4:
Cookie tray, 5 decorated Christmas ornament cookies with string, Tree to hang them on, 3 Icing tubes.

Set 5:
6 cups of Flan, cooking tray with cup holder, plate of custard, spoon, pot of boiling sugar.


Set 6:
Watermelon shell Fruit bowl, Fruit salad, Glass plate, glass bowl with fruit, Melon baller, Spoon, Glass serving spoon, Bottled drink and bottle opener.

Set 7:

Pumpkin Pie Shell (opens), Pumpkin filling, Bowl, fork, Happy Halloween plate, Milk pint, Cinnamon jar.

Set 8: OUT
Jell-O ring mold, Jell-O ring with fruit inside, 3 Jell-O molds with 3 different jellos, 3 glass plates, 3 spoons, glass Cake stand.

Set 9:OUT

Muffins, bowl of muffin batter, spatula, cooling tray,bag with muffin inside and bowl of blue berries.

Set 10:
Cotton Candy maker, sugar bowl and spoon, cotton candy,  sticks to put candy on, 2 bags and clips to seal over candy.

SP1: Blue Version of #3: N/A
Pineapple version of #6: N/A

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