Japanese Merchandise

 Excellent size for Volks, Ozone, Takara, Pullip, Blythe, Dawn and Barbie sized dolls and figures. Each comes in box with  Pamphlets.


1.Purse, Umbrella, Fan, coin purse, Slippers, Hand Mirror (with real reflective mirror on other side) 

Plus secret Sakura Blossom charm on chain

Secret Set: White umbrella, green fan,  pink Purse and red shoes.

Reg Set

Secret Set, white umbrella 



2.Goldfish bowl, Piggy incense burner, Fan, sandals, purse and cloth.

 Plus secret charm on chain that looks like those paper balls given to Japanese kids on holidays.

Secret Set: Different color Bag, shoes, fan and goldfish.


Reg Set OUT
Secret  set, yellow purse

3.Three drawer chest (drawers really open) 
Teddy bear (Arms and legs move)
. Pin cushion, Thread, thread clippers,  ink and pen, stationary

Plus secret Charm on chain.  Looks like either a chinese lantern or Lanturn flower.

Secret Set:Pink Bear, Yellow Box of draws, different stationary and ink color.

Reg Set OUT
Secret  Set 

4. Geisha Makeup vanity with 2 working drawers real mirror, perfume bottle with removable stopper, perfume atomizer, comb, ornamental hair comb, face powder canister with removable powder puff, Painted oyster shells with red and black make up and applicator brush. Plus Secret bunny charm on chain.

Secret Set:Cream vanity, different color purfumes and flower comb.

Reg Set OUT

Secret  Set in ivory $19.95

Boxed traditional Japanese card game, Game die, ball, 2 paddles, gift envelope of money, Tourist game board.Plus secret badminton birdie charm on chain

Secret Color variation  

Reg Set $10.95 

Secret  Set 

 Reg Set of 5 OUT

Secret Color Set of 5 OUT

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