Merry Strawberry
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Realistically detailed 1/10 scale. Great for Dolls, Models and figures 11" or smaller. Each set is sealed in plastic in  Box with Pamphlet. Boxes are opened so we know which set is in it and the Candy is removed for importing purposes.

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Set 1: $12.95
Double Shelf with Tea Pot, spoon holder, Trivet, Jam pot.

Set 2:
Chocolate fondue pot, Strawberries, 2 plates, 2 jars with Pink and Chocolate candies,2 fondue fork, lit candle.

Set 3:
Mixing bowl, Ice cube mold, 6 strawberry shaped ice cubes, 2 custard dishes with custards, Tree with ladle and beater.  

Set 4:
Vanity with mirror and Drawer, Brush, Cushion, jar with cotton balls

Set 5:

Picnic Basket that opens, 2 cups w/ coasters, 2 sandwiches, Sandwich box,2 plates, 2 sets fork + spoons.


Set 6:

Flower pot with Strawberry plant, Berry picking basket, Watering can, gardening tools..

Set 7: 

Afternoon Tea with Tea Pot, 2 covered tea cups filled with tea, Pastry/cookie Assortment on double tray.

Set 8:
Small Table, Diary with pages, Pen, Fuzzy rug, Jar with candies.

Set 9:
TV with changeable scene, Clock, Tissue box with terrycloth cover.

Set 10: $14.95
Toaster with 2 slices of toast, Cup of strawberry milk, Jam , plate, Placemat.

Complete Set: complete set of 10- OUT

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