(Fun Foods to walk with)
Realistically detailed 1/6 scale.  Each set is sealed in plastic in Box with Letter Theme Pamphlet.

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Set 1 : OUT
Box, 3 crepes with stands, 2 filled creampuffs, Filled pastry.

Set 2 :
Bagel Sandwich,  Glasses,  Coffee, Paper Bags, double chocolate cookie, chocolate chip Scone.

Set 3:
2 Cones with Stands, 2 Ice cream Sandwiches, spoon, Soft ice cream in cup. 


Set 4:
Burger, fries + Onion rings, Apple turnover with package, Soda, straw.

Set 5 :
2 Ice cream cones with stands, Italian Ice, 3 spoons, 2 waffles.

Set 6:
3 Tart, Custard fruit bowl, Box, 3 sweet drinks with straws..

Set 7 :$9.95
Soft serve treat, Hot chili sauce, straw, Coconut Juice, Peta Bread Kebab Sandwich, Fries
Set 8:
Treat in cup with cherry, 3 Sweet Dumplings, Roasted Chestnuts with Panda bag, Clear Plastic box of Riceballs

 Set 9:
Baked Potato,3 fish shaped beanpaste filled pastry with box, Odango Treats

Set 10:
Traditional shaped pancake treats, Fruit on sticks, 3 treats in plastic container, paper bag.

Complete set (no secret sets):$95.00
SP11:Like set 3 but other flavorsN/A
Like set 5 but other flavors:$15.00

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