Fairy Tale Sweets
Realistically detailed 1/10 scale. Great for Dolls, Models and figures 11" or smaller. Each set is sealed in plastic in  Box with Pamphlet. Boxes are opened so we know which set is in it and the Candy is removed for importing 

Set 1:  $10.95 
Ballerina cake with 3 Ballerina toppers, cake plate and 2 candlesticks.


Set 2:
Chess Game Cake with chocolate Alice in wonderland Pieces.

Set 3:
Chocolate spooky tree with 3 cupcakes , plate, fork and cat.  

Set 4:
Grass tray with 5 Cupcakes and 3 cookies on sticks.

Set 5:
Chocolate Haunted house , 2 cookies on sticks and 2 candles..


Set 6:
Elephant with Lotus blossom plate, sweet and drink. .

Set 7:
Pirate ship Cake with treasure chest, chocolate coins and sword.

Set 8:
 Christmas cookies on Spun sugar web.(Has something to do with Christmas spider legend, I am told)

Set 9:
Music themed cookies and chocolates.

Set 10:
Magic Carpet with Genie lamp and snake with donuts..

Complete Set:$100.00 

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