American Kitchen Cute & Fun
Realistically detailed 1/6 scale.  Each set is sealed in plastic in Box with Letter Theme Pamphlet.

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Set 1- Breakfast:

Cereal dispenser, Bowls, spoons, Milk, Cereal Box

Set 2-Lunch:

Burger, fries, Drink, fork, tray, Glasses, Newspaper, Coffee

Set 3-HaveFun:
Cake, Candle, Banana Split, Party Favors. 

Set 4-Cute:
Swan Potty, Baby bottle, Baby
 Food, Ducky Toy

Set 5-School:
Bag Of Pretzels, Candy bar, School chair, Lunch box, peanut butter on bread

Set 6-Basketball:
Basketball, Book, Notebooks, Bookstrap, Carmel Popcorn, Gummy Dinosaurs, Candy

Set 7-Bowling:
Bowling ball, Pins, Hero, Cola, Gumball Machine

Set 8-Supermarket:
Basket, OJ, Berries, Peppers, Cabbage, Cucumbers

Set 9-Christmas
Turkey on platter, 3 Tier Box set, Toy School bus, Teddy bear, Cat Toy.

 Set 10 Grandma:
2 Mugs, Teapot, Oven mitt, Cookie tray, Cookie dish, 10 cookies.

Complete  Set 1-10

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